Co-design, for us, means making available to Baglioni‘s client all of the know-how acquired regarding materials and different products.
We analyze and develop the design in close collaboration with our client so as to optimize the product on an industrial scale and obtain the best technical and economical results. For peaple working at Baglioni Company, co-design isn’t limited to designing, developing and optimizing, but also proposing innovative solutions to our clients

Global design

Making design global is one of our strong points.We develop and evolve projects centrally in our engineering department and then personalize the design, on an international scale, adapting it to local regulations.
This work method allows Baglioni Group to maintain identical standards in each of the production sites on the three continents where we operate on a daily basis

Local production

Local production is an essential condition for flexibility and competitiveness. Our production sites are organized to cover the entire range of our customers’ requests, from simple products or standard mass-produced to limited and extremely personalized series. Minimizing the costs of both production and transport is a fundamental target for us at Baglioni.

Multi approval

The added value of personalization is also obtained through the research of an ideal mix of product approval certifications. Based on sales forecasts for the individual geographical areas we plan the best mix of product approvals in order to optimize production and logistic costs. To Baglioni’s customers, this means having approved and certified products according to their specific requests and, if suitable, have products with multiple certifications.


The product finish represents an important phase of personalization and an added value of our service to the client. Experience, a thorough knowledge of materials and the use of diverse products in specific fields of use allows us to suggest and furnish a large range of possible finishes: galvanizing, nickel-plating, powder or spray painting, sandblasting, internal paint finishing and pre-assembly.

Customized logistics

To ensure the best logistical service with an extremely varied production it is necessary to be highly flexible in adapting to the specific needs of the client. We manage advanced logistical services designed in function of the product type, both individual and mass-produced. Having designed specific logistic strategies we are able to amortize lengthy material procurement times, offering short and personalized delivery times.