SPE - Special Pressure Equipment and air compressor tanks

Special Pressure Equipment

SPE is the Division of Baglioni Group which designs, industrializes and manages tailor made pressure vessels.

The acronym, which stands for Special Pressure Equipment, indicates the vast field of applications in which it is able to operate.
A SPE product is:

- A custom-made vessel
- Contains fluid under pressure
- Requires approval and international certification

SPE is a young and dynamic reality, highly experienced (the first custom was fabricated in 1986) and with a particular aptitude for international business.  The principal characteristics are:  attention to client communication, competitiveness and sustainability of its services, the creation of partnership with its stakeholders and the particular care taken in all technical details.

The aforesaid details have permitted SPE to become partner in the leading companies operating in the pressurized air sector, with a growth trend superior to 20% annually in the past 10 years.  Today, SPE looks to new areas with the same approach and professionalism which it has built up over the years.

Oggi la Divisione SPE del gruppo Baglioni si affaccia a nuovi settori con lo stesso metodo e professionalità che ha costruito nel corso degli anni basando la propria capacità di progettazione e co-design sull’esperienza acquisita in settori industriali diversificati.


SPE bases its ability to design and co-design on experience which has been acquired in many areas. The approach with the client’s engineering is always proactive so as to optimize and improve the product. For this reason, upon the request of the client it’s possible to explore in depth the process aspects, upstream and downstream, of the vessel’s intended use.

In regards to global projects, SPE can coordinate the design aspect at a central level and then initiate production using the identical product standards in all group locations.

If the project is local, decentralized offices which have their own technical department can work with the client throughout all product design and approval phases.


- Custom vessels
- Separators
- Air treatment filters
- Air treatment dryers
- PSA – pressure swing adsorption
- Blowers