Compressede air vessels and carbon steel vessels


The manufacturing techniques and know how acquired by Gruppo Baglioni’s vessel Division permit producing a range of products in line with the needs of the compressede air market and the oil&gas industry.

Production includes a complete range of vessels with 5 to 10,000 lt capacity, made of carbon or stainless steel.

The Baglioni Group also provides technical support for the development and implementation of CUSTOMIZED projects, according to the customer’s specifications with special finish in RAL colors, interior ALM painting, pickling and passivation and galvanizing for vertical vessels and horizontal vessels for air treatments, water vessels, high pressure vessels, vacuum vessels for foods and stainless steel vessels.

divisionieprodottiThe Vessel Division produces a wide range of stand alone products as well as integrated systems.

Baglioni’s products are designed and manufactured in compliance with applicable European Directives or with major international standards and all vessels are CE marked.



- small-size vertical vessels
- small-size horizontal air vessels
- painted vertical air vessels
- high pressure vertical air vessels
- galvanized vertical air vessels
- over-size air vessels
- vertical vessels for vacuum
- vertical air vessels with internal ALM painting
- vertical oxygen air vessels
- horizontal air vessels with brackets
- vertical autoclave vessels
- horizontal autoclave vessels
- stainless steel vertical vessels
- stainless steel horizontal vessels